Storytelling and Human Connection Lead Monday’s Programming

Neol, IDEO, and BEworks wove narratives to address environmental challenges.

Two people sit in chairs on a stage
All photos by Hiiiya for kyu House

Monday, Dec. 4 at kyu House saw Neol, IDEO, and BEworks  exploring the power of storytelling, human connections, and innovative thinking in addressing environmental challenges.

The Neol team started the morning with “Inner Development: Catalyzing Change from the Inside Out.” Addressing the limitations of more traditional, isolated business approaches, Neol’s human-centric session encouraged internal reflection and growth to inspire contemplation and intentional action.

“Rewilding the Imagination,” presented by IDEO and The Museum of the Future, explored the sensory and emotional aspects of envisioning the future. Brendan McGetrick, Creative Director of the Museum of the Future, showcased powerful examples of how movies, 3D modeling AI, and language can inspire visions of the future.

“Powering People to Change,” spearheaded by BEworks CEO Wardah Malik, highlighted a collaborative study with kyu investigating the climate era mindset. The study revealed that people with creative mindsets tend to be more open-minded and positive about climate change possibilities and solutions.

Malik’s co-presenters, Angela Cooper, BEworks Senior Strategist and Sustainability Lead, Futerra CEO Lucy Shea, and Unilever Global Sustainability Head Anila Gopal collectively explored the current climate and behavioral science behind sustainable lifestyles. “The most important message to convey is that we have the tools available and the technology,” said Cooper. “Now it’s about activating in the right way for real change.”

For “Harnessing Human Narratives for Good: Climate Stories That Matter,” a group of powerful storytellers, including Wiruungga Dunggiirr, an Elder from Australia’s Namba Gumbaynggirr Nation, DIRT Charity founder Arizona Muse, and Futerra Co-Founder Solitaire Townsend emphasized the power of storytelling by sharing inspiring legends and parables. “We believe in stories more than facts,” Townsend said, highlighting the intrinsic link between storytelling and our human nature.